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bullet 'New' Citizens, New Policies? Developments in Diversity Management in Canada and Flanders -

Provinciebestuur West-Vlaanderen i.s.m. het Studiegenootschap Canada v.z.w., Brugge - 20 oktober 2006


Bestel het boek: 'New' Citzens, New Policies? Developments in Diversity Management in Canada and Flanders (Gent, Academia Press, 229 p.)


bulletThe Media in Dynamic Interaction With Government, Market and Citizens - Antwerpen - 28 March 2003

Expert Meeting organized by the Association for Canadian Studies in Flanders and the University of Nijmegen

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Speakers (among others):Jo Bardoel (University of Nijmegen), Petty Bozonelos (Ryerson University, Toronto), Leen d'Haenens (University of Nijmegen), Per Jauert (University of Kopenhagen), Lou Lichtenberg (Bedrijfsfonds voor de Pers/Netherlands Press Fund), Bart Pattyn (University of Leuven), Marc Raboy (Université de Montréal), David Taras (University of Calgary), Luc Van Liedekerke (University of Leuven), Hans Verstraeten (University of Ghent), Christina von Wackerbart (VRT/Flemish Public Broadcaster).

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bulletBeyond Infrastructure. European and Canadian Identities in Cyberspace - Antwerpen - 11-13 September 1997

A conference on entrepreneurship, communication and culture organized by: The Association for Canadian Studies in the Netherlands and Flanders.
The purpose of this conference is to go beyond the polarized, short-sighted and all too common notions held by political and business leaders and commentators of all persuasions, for whom the information society is either a miracle cure for the acute structural crises currently plaguing the Western world, or a juggernaut imposing an unwanted revolution and to be fought off at all costs.
The conference is intended as a vehicle for a variety of key people from both sides of the Atlantic to share their experiences and discuss their aspirations, needs, and plans. Users, policy makers, developers, managers, etc., will be able to talk to each other and understand their respective positions, enabling them to play a more efficient and useful role in the future

Speakers: D. de Kerckhove (U. Toronto), L. d'Haenens (U. Nijmegen), M.J. Edwards (Carleton U.), V. Frissen (U. Amsterdam), Y. Fujimoto (Waseda U.), L. Goudens (journalist), C. Hamelink (U. Amsterdam), C. Haythornthwaite (U. Illinois), M. Huber (European Commission DG XII), N. Jankowski (U. Nijmegen), C. Johnston (Information Highway Advisory Council), R. Kroetsch (novelist), C. Lebeer (Delaware Computing), S. Proulx (U. du Québec), G. Quellette (Association des Producteurs en Multimédias du Québec), L. Roth (Concordia U.)niversity, Montréal), I. Shubert (Simon Fraser U.), S. Spiegel (Immersion Studios), G. Stylianos (U.L.Bruxelles), K. Uyttendaele (Fabrimetal), P. Van Eecke (U. Leuven)

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bulletCultural Identity, Language Rights and Federalism - Gent - 26 February 1999

How do federal States like Belgium and Canada combine federal unity and a national-federal identity with the cultural and linguistic aspirations of their two major linguistic communities ?
The seminar aims at offering a better insight in the Canadian experiences to maintain unity between the different communities: the use of federalism as a tool for unity and the protection of a federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms to offer individual protection.

Speakers: J. Vande Lanotte (U. Gent), J. Clement (K.U. Leuven), D. Réaume (U. Toronto), J. Gaudreault-DesBiens (McGill U.), D. Haljan (K.U. Leuven), G. Anderson (Deputy Minister, Government of Canada)

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bulletWhither Multiculturalism - Leuven - 7-8 October 1999 - Annual Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in The Netherlands and Flanders

In the imaginary of Canada, 'Other Cultures' have been accommodated by framing issues in terms of an official policy of multiculturalism moulded by the influential theories of Taylor, Kymlicka and Tully.  In Europe, by contrast, the theory and praxis of multiculturalism grew out of the detritus of colonialism, the legacy of 'guest workers', the declaration of global triumph of free market economies and virulent forms of ethnocentrism and xenophobia emerging since 1989.  The conference aims to open a critical multilogue on 'Multiculturalism' or 'Plurality of Cultures' from both Canadian and European - particularly Dutch/Flemish - perspectives.

Speakers: P. Werbner (Keele U.), D. Turner (Dartmouth College), H. Bannerji (York U.), C. Dancon (Wilfried Laurier U.), K. Coates (U. New Brunswick), B. Ceuppens (U. Gent), D. Berry (U. West Indies), E. Hirsch Ballin (U. Tilburg), J. Blommaert (U. Gent), J. Verschueren (U. Antwerp), A. Vandevelde (K.U. Leuven), C. Coates (U. Edinburgh), D. Vanderslycke (Brussels), R.P. Buckley (McGill U.), R. Visker (K.U. Leuven), R. Foqué (K.U. Leuven/U. Rotterdam), A. Van de Putte (K.U. Leuven), R. Kunin (Laurier Institution), M.Cl. Foblets (K.U. Leuven), J. Billiet (K.U. Leuven), B. Maddens (K.U. Leuven), R. Beerten (K.U. Leuven), M. Burstein (Ottawa)

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Colloquia georganiseerd met de steun van het Studiegenootschap Canada

bulletConvergences & Interferences: Newness in Intercultural Practices - Universiteit Antwerpen, 6-8 april 2000

Postcolonial Literatures Research Group, University of Antwerp

bulletHumanitarian Intervention and the New Ethical Diplomacy - Universiteit Gent, 16 maart 2001

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Making it explicit: Presentation and representation of Native North Americans - Universiteit Leuven, 3-5 mei 2004

25th American Indian Workshop - Programma



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